Traditional Service

When we engage in the worship of God, our majestic sanctuary lends itself authentically to a traditional expression of worship. Hymns, paraments (altar fabrics), the liturgical cycle (the historic Christian "seasons" of Advent-Christmas-Epiphany-Lent-Holy Week-Easter-Pentecost-"Kingdomtide"), participatory liturgy, robes, the primacy of prayer, thoughtful sermons, spiritual depth, connection to history: these are the elements of Christian worship that ring true in our morning worship. We aren't trying to recapture 1950s Americana (recognizing that may well be what some "traditional" worship inadvertently seeks to do), rather we anchor our communal relationship with God on the enduring witness and life of the Church of Jesus Christ. We are convinced that the more chaotic life becomes, the more the Church's worship may well need to offer a tangible expression of stability. Of trust. Of steadfastness. Of endurance.


Online Service

Join us for worship that is both VIRTUAL and REAL!

The ABQ First / Community of Hope Online Service is a “stripped-down” worship experience that focuses on the essential actions of Christian worship: Music, Message, Prayer. Although delivered by screen, the direct “face-to-face” style of this service feels more intimate than a

lot of in-person worship gatherings!

Music is provided by a small, rotating team of solo vocalists/guitarists, incorporating an eclectic catalog of hymns, praise, and “secular” songs. [What do we mean by “secular” songs? Well, to give you an idea, the summer of 2021 includes songs from artists ranging from Cee Lo Green to Radiohead to Tom Petty to Bad Religion, and Bob Marley tunes have shown up in the past! We put “secular” in quotes because Pastor Jon doesn’t really like that term, as he believes that all music is sacred at its core.]

Running 35-40 minutes on average, our online service is “full, without fluff!” Currently, you can participate in the online service in real-time via Zoom or the FUMC and Community of Hope Facebook pages. You can watch recordings of the full service on those Facebook pages, or catch just the sermon on our new YouTube Sermons channel.

For our Facebook Page click HERE!


Community of Hope

A Community focused on, and especially welcoming towards (but not limited to), those who are experiencing homelessness and/or poverty.

We meet outside, in the Courtyard of First Church, Sundays at 1:00pm. Everyone who comes in gets lunch, and people can sit down to eat and enjoy fellowship while participating in worship. If people just want to grab a lunch and go, they are welcome to do that... we don't believe the Gospel or worship should be a "string attached" to a meal given to someone who is hungry. The worship itself is 30 minutes of contemporary music, scripture, sermon, and prayer. After the service, we remain open until 2pm for fellowship. 

Community of Hope is an official new church plant of the United Methodist Church. It has been in existence for 8 years, but has spent the last 3 1/2 years under the hospitable umbrella of Albuquerque's First United Methodist Church. First's current pastor, Jon Moore, also became the sole pastor of Community of Hope in the Summer of 2020.

We encourage people who are fascinated by Jesus, but frustrated by the institutional church, to come visit us at Community of Hope!

Also, if you're interested in community service, working in the kitchen and helping us with lunch for Community of Hope is a great way to serve!

Current COVID Precautions

  • No congregational singing 

  • "Doors" will open at 1pm to discourage congregating before service

  • Offerings can be made before or after service to avoid contact surfaces

  • Reduced number of worship leaders

  • Constant sanitizing of contact areas